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Tech Stocks’ Reality Bites Moment has Arrived..

Tech stocks have taken a thumping this year – a well-timed reality check or a threat to bring down the whole market? Probably time for a clean out of all the speculative, improbable and fantastical perpetual motion machines that beguiled IPO and SPAC investors during the easy money era. Reality bites and it’s time to get real..

Shaking the Delusional Tree

The collapse of the Super-League Football coup is a great illustration of just how self-delusional big money can be. After delusion comes acceptance, which is what Netflix faces as post-covid subscription growth slows in an increasingly crowded Streaming Wars space. It won’t kill the company, but will refocus investors on the depth of its’ moat and profitability. The same process is likely to be repeated across markets as delusional myths unravel.